Couverture livre

I thought they were lost forever, and yet these insignificant fragments of my everyday life have resurfaced like tiny shells on the beach of my memory. Personal memories, news items, anecdotes jostle each other in a confusion where readers will find a word, a forgotten face, a movie or acclaimed star, a melody or dance of the moment, a witty remark, a disaster, a dream or a sigh, a newspaper photo or story hitting the headlines, a slogan, a book or even a broadcast that is suddenly remembered and reminds us that all has been seen, heard and probably shared. Do you remember? Before they disappear again, welcome them like the unexpected return of a long lost friend, gently, no questions, with an enlightened look and a tender, nostalgic smile full of complicity, twinkling with a thousand vibrations.

  • Je me souviens, 89 p., 14 € (in French only) – Order